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At least we got one good thing out of this awful cold weather: some awesome drone footage.

NIAGARA “Tchiki boum”
[Version KARAOKÉ]

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These beautiful shots of a hauntingly illuminated Niagara Falls were taken by Bob Koshinski. According to Mr Koshinski, the low temperature had resulted in a large pile-up of ice and snow at the base of the American Falls and in the Niagara Gorge. Credit: YouTube/Bob Koshinski

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David Cook – Let Me Fall For You – Rapids Theatre, Niagara Falls, N.Y. Dec. 2, 2011. Missed the beginning and it’s a bit wobbly thanks to a few glasses of wine and I couldn’t keep still with…

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“Dub Feral” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Incredible Drone view of the frozen Niagara water falls

Stone The Crows – Ontinuous Performance 1972

Much of Ontinuous Performance (and no, there’s no C in there) was already in the can when guitarist Les Harvey was tragically electrocuted onstage on May 3, 1972. The band brought in young guitar wiz Jimmy McCullough (ex-Thunderclap Newman) to take his place, but really, in a band like this, no one could have filled his shoes — a listen to Harvey’s guitar work on the instrumental “King Tut” shows how far he’d come, and how integral his particular style of playing was to the band’s sound. Ironically, out of tragedy came a brief moment of success, as “Good Time Girl,” released as a single (and, except for gender, it was a perfect Rod Stewart song) hit #12 on the U.K. singles chart. But there was also a return to their blues roots with the acoustic “Penicillin Blues,” while “One More Chance” offered Maggie Bell an opportunity to show her soulful vocal chops. However, they blew it during the nine minutes of “Niagara,” a piece that, it sounded, was never finished before release. It was would have impossible for the band to let go of Harvey without a song, and it comes at the end of the disc, the ballad “Sunset Cowboy,” which is touching and heartfelt. After this disc the disheartened band broke up.

01. On The Highway (Harvey, Leahy) – 5:32
02. One More Chance (Leahy) – 6:08
03. Penicillin Blues (Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee) – 5:29
04. King Tut (Harvey, Leahy) – 2:35
05. Good Time Girl (Allen, Bell, Thompson, Leahy) – 3:23
06. Niagara (Leahy) – 9:10
07. Sunset Cowboy (Allen, Leahy) – 6:39

- Maggie Bell – lead female vocals
- Colin Allen – drums, percussion
- Ronnie Leahy – keyboards
- Steve Thompson – bass
- Leslie Harvey – guitar (01-04,06)
- Jimmy McCulloch – guitar (05,07)
- Malcolm Duncan, Roger Ball – horns
- Mark London – producer

Latin Fever in Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake!!! NOTL was on ‘fire’ with the Latin music of Poco Latino. Great dancing, great music, food, wine, beer and good times. Saturday, August 10th,…

Chef Jonathan Collins visits a Niagara region winery for an inside look at grape harvesting and the wine making process. This video comes from Steven and Chris. Want more? Subscribe here!…

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